Langham Brewery

Langham Brewery is award-winning independent brewery, based on the Cowdray estate in West Sussex, producing cask-conditioned real ale and keg beers.

Brewing is energy intensive and the management are keen to mitigate the recent rise in energy costs. Management are committed to the energy transition and recognise the advantages of partnering with ESD to obtain very significant power price reductions guaranteed for a long period, without any additional risk or management responsibility.

Co-owner Lesley Foulkes welcomes the idea of working with ESD, saying “Being in the South Downs, we had practically ruled out the possibility of solar due to our location and were also fearful of the cost implications of alternative solutions. We were delighted to be introduced to ESD who recognise the challenges with planning in the South Downs National Park, while having a solution to funding renewable projects. As a business we support local energy solutions in the community, by the community and for the community!”

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