Generation Projects

ESD Project Pipeline

ESD is currently working with a variety of site owners and managers with a view to delivering renewable energy to reduce costs and carbon emissions

The process begins with a proposal, and then moves to a feasibility study before necessary planning and grid connection negotiations are conducted. The project then moves to installation and connection along with implementing a suitable management and maintenance plan for your site.

The easiest opportunity to exploit is solar photovoltaic, but there are also possibilities for geothermal energy, wind generation, solar thermal, district heating and various forms of energy storage.

Collaboration Possibilities

There are a variety of ways your enterprise or organisation can engage with Energise South Downs, and contracts are individually tailored to suit your needs and give back to the community.

Financing can be a mix of community share offerings with financing by the site owner. Knowing your site’s power requirements allows ESD to optimise a mix of reduced price power for your site and sale of surplus to re-invest in community projects.

ESD provides care and maintenance over the whole project life-cycle to ensure delivery of maximum benefit to all parties over what is usually a 20 year time horizon.

Examples of Suitable Sites

office, warehouse and industrial buildings

farms and brownfield land

schools and hospitals

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