Future Energy Landscapes

How might your communities meet their energy needs with locally generated renewable energy?

Come and join us for an exciting workshop focused on how we can power our community using renewable energy sources. Learn about the benefits of locally generated power and how it can help reduce our carbon footprint. Whether you are a supporter of renewable energy or more nervous about what the transition away from fossil fuels means for your local area this is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of an important conversation. Refreshments provided.

The Future Energy Landscapes workshop puts communities at the centre of the conversation about how renewable technologies can support us all decarbonise our energy system. An attendee at Harting FEL commented,

“Being asked how we would like our future to look and then to see the extent to which, each alternative energy model would actually meet the requirements. Wonderful and revealing instant feedback!!”

“The workshop made me believe our Parish could do something that before I thought was impossible. It is vital we discuss these issues  as a community because it seems that change will happen at grass roots level.”


Upham 7pm – 9.30 pm Thursday 19th September

Otterbourne 10am -12.30pm Saturday 5th October

Community groups all over the country are inspiring local people to recognise the opportunities as we transition away from fossil fuels and towards net zero.

The Centre of Sustainable Energy (CSE) recognised the need for people to be part of the process by which renewable energy projects are welcomed into their communities and landscape. That there was a need to create space for communities to have an informed and more nuanced discussion about the roll out of renewable energy at scale.

This is what the Future Energy Landscape is all about. Supporting communities in understanding the various trade offs of different renewables and helping them consider what mix of renewable technologies might be appropriate and acceptable to local people and their landscape.

Why the Future Energy Landscapes workshop?

  • Transforming the way that we generate and use energy is key to reducing carbon emissions and tackling the climate emergency.
  • Generating more energy from renewable sources like wind or sun so we produce less carbon is critical to a transition away from fossil fuels
  • Communities need to be engaged in an informed discussion about the different renewable energy solutions and their trade offs that is specific to their community and landscape.

Energise South Downs supported by East Hampshire District Council, Winchester City Council and the South Downs National Park Authority are hosting Future Energy Landscapes in 10 communities. See Future Energy Landscapes in action in South Harting

As described in Skidmore’s – Mission Net Zero Independent Review Skidmore 2023, ‘Recognising this more locally-led, place-based approach to net zero delivery will not just deliver a better tailored, more supported transition, but it can also deliver greater economic and social benefits’.

UKRI’s Accelerating Net Zero Delivery report found that “a place-specific approach delivers more benefit for less cost” ‘By driving action from a community level upwards, local authorities can make sure that it is tailored to local situations, responsive to local needs, makes the most of local opportunities, and is more popular and impactful as a result’



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