Future Energy Forum

After last winter’s shock energy price rises we will all be keeping our fingers crossed for greater stability and affordability this winter. However, with political, financial and environmental uncertainty rapidly becoming the norm across the globe, a return to the old ‘status quo’ is highly unlikely. We have unfortunately entered a brave new world, where only those brave enough to take the tough decisions will find themselves best placed to ride out the uncertainty. The question is, are our decision-makers brave enough to take these vital decisions on our behalf?

The transition to a net-zero economy is the economic opportunity of the 21st century . Two sectors most able to make a significant contribution to this are energy and housing. A fact recognised by all our political parties. However, come the next election will any of their manifestos go far enough….and, as  a voter, do we understand the issues sufficiently well to properly scrutinise their policies, voice our opinions or hold them to account?

Energise South Downs’ Future Energy Forum, at Bedales School, Petersfield, on Friday 6 October, will not only give you the opportunity to learn more about these important issues, but hopefully also spark wider conversations and inform the decision you ultimately take about your home and energy at the ballot box.

The evening will be chaired by John Palmer, Deputy Director, Energy Performance of Buildings, Department of Levelling Up Housing and Communities. He will oversee a panel of expert speakers across the renewable energy, sustainable finance and housing sectors, including Steve Waygood, Chief Responsible Investment Officer, Aviva Investors; Ollie Pendered, Chief Executive, Community Energy South; Rupert Meadows, Campaigns & Engagement Officer, Power For People and Mark Gaterell, Prof Sustainable Construction, University of Portsmouth. This is a free, non-party political event aimed at informing the community. It will only be through widening our understanding of the big issues affecting the well-being of the planet and ourselves that we will be able to face the future with confidence. To book your place please visit Bedales Events – https://www.bedales.org.uk/event/energise-south-downs-future-energy-forum

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