Future Energy Forum

Energise South Down’s recent Future Energy Forum held in the theatre at Bedales school was a great success with more than 200 attendees. Members of the local community came to learn about the challenges and opportunities with the UK’s journey to net zero. See the Future Energy Forum recording in 5 parts here. After a brief introduction by […]

Solar for Village Halls – Payback Scenario

Village halls are an interesting case with the following characteristics: The low power usage means these are not a typically advantageous case for solar. However, EV charging may be quite a critical element in the viability of an installation. Not many villages are curently well provided with EV charge points and the confidence of publicly […]

Regenerate South Conference

Good to network with the private and public sector at the Regenerate South Conference to introduce Community Energy and highlight the importance of putting clean energy at the heart of innovative proposals for regeneration and key economic developments. A panel discussion raised the issues of the national grid infrastructure holding up major renewable projects. Locally […]

Future Energy Landscapes pilot – Harting

A great evening organised and run by Harting CAN in partnership with Energise South Downs, piloting the Future Energy Landscapes project. What is within the realms of possibility for moving to clean energy for a village dependent on oil? An inclusive and collaborate discussion was had about the technologies available for the energy transition with […]

Future Energy Landscapes

An initiative from the Centre for Sustainable Energy This community consultation method helps local planning authorities and civic society accelerate renewable energy deployment. We know we need to increase renewable energy capacity (to about four times its current level) to address the climate crisis. But how can we do this while maintaining public support? We also […]

Hambledon Greening Fair

Glorious sunshine for the Greening Hambledon event, lots of appetite and ideas for renewable energy.

South Downs Green Fair

Great to be able to share the benefits of Community Energy in the outdoor classroom at the South Down Green.

Buriton Green Fair

It was great to be at Buriton ‘Green Fair’ on Earth day – a lovely family interactive time.

An appetite for Community Energy

Since becoming a Community Energy group in July 2022 we are very excited to have so many projects across the Western side of the South Downs and surrounds. There is always room for more.