Solar for Village Halls – Payback Scenario

Village halls are an interesting case with the following characteristics: The low power usage means these are not a typically advantageous case for solar. However, EV charging may be quite a critical element in the viability of an installation. Not many villages are curently well provided with EV charge points and the confidence of publicly […]

Home Energy Savings 101

Here are some of the first things you can do in a domestic context to minimise your energy bills and your CO2 emissions: Hardship Energy Bills First be aware of what your bill is telling you: Quick and Easy Energy Savings in the Home What about Oil? Living in rural villages, many may use oil […]

Community energy: What’s economically viable in 2023 ?

Most of us are keen to see the clean energy transition progress on all fronts, and yet the various technologies have radically different cost-benefit profiles, which have been changing sigificantly over the last few years, and can also be very different according to geography. In this article we aim to take a look at what […]